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Will-Serve Applications: Building Permits

To receive a Will-Serve Letter from Cayucos Sanitary District in association with your building permit,  please provide all requested information below. 

We take pride in providing prompt service and (upon receipt of the application fee and all requested information) typically respond with a Will-Serve Letter in one week or less. 

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Will-Serve Letters issued by Cayucos Sanitary District specify any and all conditions placed on the project by the District and are valid for one year from the date of issuance. If you are unable to satisfy the conditions placed on the project in that timeframe, you may apply for a one-year extension, subject to the submittal of a Will-Serve Extension Application and payment of a $50.00 Will-Serve Extension Fee.

If the project involves the demolition of an existing structure, the sewer connection (sewer lateral) must be capped off in order to qualify for the reduced Interrupted Service Fee ("ISF") billing rate of $46.00 per month. It is the sole responsibility of the property owner to cap the sewer lateral, and subsequently, contact the District to schedule the mandatory inspection of the capped lateral. Upon completion of a successful capped lateral inspection, a temporary billing reduction may be granted. If granted, the ISF rate will become effective the next billing cycle following the inspection. In no case will billing adjustments be retroactive.

Once the sewer lateral is uncapped and reconnected to the the District's sewer infrastructure, the billing rate will automatically increase to the Sewer Use Fee rate of $98.00 per month per EDU, effective the next billing cycle.


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