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Cayucos Sanitary District’s Principle Enabling Act

Cayucos Sanitary District was formed by the citizens of Cayucos under the provisions of the Sanitary District Act of 1923 (“Act”), Health and Safety Code Sections 6400-6982.

Powers and Functions:  Cayucos Sanitary District is a multi-purpose independent special district. In accordance with Government Code Section 6512, the Cayucos Sanitary District ("the District") is authorized to execute the following powers:

The District may acquire, plan, construct, reconstruct, alter, enlarge, lay, renew, replace, maintain, and operate garbage and recycling collection and disposal systems, sewers, sewage collection, outfall, and disposal systems, and other sanitary treatment disposal facilities.

All other powers included in the Act are currently under the jurisdiction of the County of San Luis Obispo.

What is a Special District?
Special districts are limited-purpose local government agencies that provide public infrastructure and essential services, including, but not limited to, water, sewage collection and treatment, fire protection, recreation and parks, and garbage collection. Unlike cities and counties, special districts generally focus on providing one service or a group of related services. Specialized service is ultimately what makes special districts “special,” but it also limits the scope and breadth of what services a special district can perform. A special district cannot provide a service unless that power has been activated by a County Local Agency Formation Commission (“LAFCO”), and LAFCO is not permitted to approve activation of a new service if it determines that another local agency already provides substantially similar services.

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