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Current Governing Ordinances

Cayucos Sanitary District's current, active governing ordinances are listed below.  Ordinances that are not included in this list are no longer active, having been superseded by subsequent Ordinances, Resolutions, or Board action. 

Ordinance #5*
(1976) Primary governing Ordinance; general regulations
*Has been modified by Ordinances #12, #15 & #24; modifications are incorporated herein

Ordinance #6
(1977) Authorizes delinquent sewer charges to be collected on the Tax Roll 

Ordinance #11
(1982) Authorizes delinquent solid waste charges to be collected on the Tax Roll

Ordinance #19
(1995) Sets sewer standby/ immediate availability charges and limits how said fees can be spent

Ordinance #21
(1996) Establishes solid waste and recycling regulations

Ordinance #25
(2006) Prohibits the discharge of cat feces and cat litter into the sewer system

Ordinance #26
(2008) Regulates sewer lateral installation, maintenance and repair

Ordinance #27
(2011) Governs common sewer laterals servicing multiple parcels

Ordinance #29
(2009) Establishes informal bidding procedures under the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act