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Policies, Compliance & Financial Reports 

Sanitary Districts Principle Enabling Act

Health and Safety Code §6400 et seq.

Powers and Functions: Maintain and operate garbage dumpsites, garbage collection and disposal systems, sewers, storm water drains and storm water collection, recycling and distribution systems

Formation: Any county, or in two or more counties within the same natural watershed area

Governance: 5 Directors, elected by resident voters to 4 year terms


Brown Act Compliance Policy

Code of Ethics & Values

Conflict of Interest Code

District-Based Elections

Financial Reserves / Investment Policy

Remuneration & Expenditure Reimbursement Policy


- Senant Bill 272: Enterprise System Catalog
- Government Code Section 12463: CA Financial Transaction Report

Financial Reports 

Approved Budgets

  Fiscal Year 2022/2023:
    -  Operating Budget
    -  CIP Budget 

  Fiscal Year 2021/2022:             
    -  Operating Budget               
    -  CIP Budget                           

    Fiscal Year 2020/2021:
    -  Operating Budget
    -  CIP Budget

Audited Financial Statements

   -  Fiscal Year 2020/2021
   -  Fiscal Year 2019/2020
   -  Fiscal Year 2018/2019

Staff & Board Member Compensation

The Cayucos Sanitary District provides detailed salary and benefit information each year to the California State Controller's Office to be compiled into a report with other special districts. This information provides our customers the ability to compare our salary information with other comparable public agencies. Please visit the State Controller's Government Compensation website to view compensation information for Cayucos Sanitary District staff members and other special districts and government agencies in California. 

Annual Employee Reimbursement Reports

   -  Fiscal Year 2021/2022
   -  Fiscal Year 2020/2021
   -  Fiscal Year 2019/2020