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Will-Serve FAQs

What is a “Will-Serve Letter”? 

A sewer Will-Serve Letter is a formal agreement between the District and customer to provide sewer service to the customer’s new or remodeled structure. The District issues a “Conditional Will-Serve Letter” to the customer upon receipt of a completed Will-Serve Application Package. The Conditional Will-Serve Letter outlines physical requirements necessary for the release of a “Final Will-Serve Letter," indicating to the customer and SLO County Planning and Building that the project conditions have been met.

What is the turnaround time to receive my Will-Serve Letter? 

After receiving a complete Will-Serve Application Package, the District typically issues the corresponding Conditional Will-Serve Letter within one week. An incomplete application package will be delayed. 

The County has requested a Final Will-Serve Letter from Cayucos Sanitary District. How do I get one? 

The District will not issue a Final Will-Serve Letter until all conditions placed on the project have been met and inspected. Please reference your Conditional Will-Serve Letter to verify that all conditions have been met, and subsequently, contact the District to request a final inspection. Click here to request your inspection, or call our office at (805) 995-3290.

Do I have to pay full price sewer fees while my structure is under construction or demolished? 

Not necessarily. You may qualify for the Interrupted Service Fee rate ($46.00 per month). 

The Interrupted Service Fee exclusively applies to customers with a current and valid Will-Serve Letter from Cayucos Sanitary District. Customers who qualify to be billed at the Interrupted Service Fee rate are temporarily billed at a reduced rate while their permitted project is under construction. 

 If your project involves the demolition of an existing structure, the sanitary connection must be capped off in order to qualify for th Interrupted Service Fee rate. It is the sole responsibility of the property owner to cap the connection, and subsequently, contact the District office to schedule the mandatory inspection of the capped connection. Upon completion of a successful inspection, a temporary billing reduction may be granted. If granted, the Interrupted Service Fee rate will become effective the next billing cycle following the inspection. In no case will billing adjustments be retroactive.

What is a “Sewer Easement”? 

The Cayucos Sanitary District purchased sewer easements throughout the District’s service area during the design and construction of the system. These easements are generally 10 feet wide, occupying the back portion of a customer’s property. The District has conditions for encroachment on these easements. If you have questions regarding easements or want to know if you have an easement on your property, feel free to contact the District office.