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Sewer FAQ's

Who do I call in the event of a sewer emergency?

The Cayucos Sanitary District has personnel on “Stand-By” duty ready to respond to sewer overflows and sewer related emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. If you have a sewer emergency or witness a sewer overflow, contact the District at 805-995-3290. If you call outside of normal business hours you will be directed to our answering service, who will forward the call to the appropriate on-call staff member.


What is a “Sewer Lateral” and who is responsible for sewer lateral maintenance?

A sewer lateral is the sewer line that connects your home or business to the District sewer main. Sewer laterals have been constructed using various materials such as clay, orangeburg, cast iron, or plastic. Property owners are solely responsible for the maintenance and repair of sewer laterals beginning at the connection to the building and ending/including the wye connection to the sewer main. 


What is a “Sewer Backflow Device”? Does my home need a sewer backflow?

A sewer backflow device helps to prevent sewage from backing up into your home when there is a sewer main blockage. Cayucos Sanitary District Ordinance No. 15 requires property owners who have plumbing fixtures lower than the nearest upstream manhole to install a backflow device on their sewer lateral. District staff is available to help you determine if your property is required (or recommended) to have a backflow device.


Is it legal to connect my home's roof drains, surface drains, or sump pump to my sewer lateral?

It is against District Ordinances and the Uniform Plumbing Code to attach roof drains, surface drains, or sump pumps to a sewer lateral. District staff is available to assist you in evaluating the existence of these illegal connections if you are uncertain.