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Operations and Maintenance Projects

Our crew in action.....

May contain: person and human
The first drops of  water that  were fully treated by the Cayucos Water Resource Recovery Facility
May contain: person, human, clothing, apparel, and wood
Ocean water sampling
May contain: person, human, clothing, apparel, watercraft, transportation, vehicle, and vessel
Prepping for the grand opening of the Water Resource Recovery Facilty
Blockage discovered in the sewer main
May contain: sewer, helmet, clothing, apparel, drain, person, human, manhole, and hole
May contain: person, human, sewer, hole, manhole, drain, helmet, clothing, and apparel
May contain: helmet, clothing, apparel, person, human, sewer, and hardhat
May contain: person, human, asphalt, tarmac, hardhat, apparel, clothing, and helmet
Jetting Lines
May contain: transportation, vehicle, and truck
May contain: human, person, wheel, machine, water, and outdoors
Line Cleaning
May contain: machine, hydrant, and fire hydrant
Valving Upgrade (new)
May contain: hydrant and fire hydrant
May contain: machine, person, and human
Grit spraying at Lift Station #1
Lift Station #2