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E-Billing Terms & Conditions

By opting to enroll in Cayucos Sanitary District’s E-Billing program, you agree with and/or attest to the following:

 1.   I am the account holder or an authorized designee of the account holder who has the authority to enroll in the E-Billing program.

2.   I understand that Cayucos Sanitary District will not be held responsible for E-Bills that are not successfully delivered due to spam blocker removal, an incorrect email address being provided, server errors, computer program failure, or any other reason.

3.   I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that payment is received by District staff by the last day of each month, even if I do not receive my E-Bill (the same conditions apply to hardcopy bills delivered by USPS).

4.   I agree to add to my email address book and/or safe sender list to help ensure that my E-Bill is delivered successfully.

5.   I agree to inform Cayucos Sanitary District of any update or change to my email address.

6.   By opting to enroll in the E-Billing program, I understand that I will no longer receive hardcopy bills in the mail, effective the next billing cycle.

E-Billing is a voluntary program provided for the convenience of the customer. The customer may choose to opt-out of E-Billing at any time by visiting the District’s website or by calling (805) 995-3290.

Cayucos Sanitary District will not rent, sell, or share customer account or contact information with third parties unless required by law.