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Billing FAQs


What happens if I do not pay my sewer bill on time?

Sewer bills that are not paid on or before their due date will be assessed a 10% late fee. At the close of each fiscal year, the District audits its delinquent accounts and submits applicable customer information to the County for inclusion on the County tax roll. 


What happens if my tenant doesn't pay their sewer bill?

Sewer charges attach to a property similarly to property taxes. The property owner is responsible for all outstanding sewer charges, regardless of whether the bill has been in their name or not. It is important for landlords to review the sewer account attached to their property when a tenant moves out, and also for new home buyers to inquire about any outstanding sewer charges attached to properties on the market in Cayucos.


What does a “Standby/Vacant Lot Fee” pay for?

Sewer standby fees ensure each paying customer capacity in the District’s sewer system. This fee is also used for the reconstruction, maintenance, and operation of sewer facilities.


What is a “Connection Fee” and why am I responsible to pay this fee?

Connection fees are collected immediately prior to a newly developed/unconnected property connecting to the District sewer main. These fees are collected to recover a fair and equitable share of the costs associated with the construction, maintenance, operational expenses and reserve capacity in the sewer system and wastewater treatment plant.


What does a “Sewer Use Fee” pay for?

Sewer use fees are collected to pay for the ongoing costs associated with the operation, maintenance, and treatment of wastewater for customers connected to the sewer system.


For more information on how the current monthly billing rate was deemed necessary to accomodate the development of the Wastewater Reclamation Facility, please see the 2017 Rate Study