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Recyclable Items

Recyclable Paper products

I. Newspaper

2.  Cardboard

3.  Office paper

4.  Paper bags

5.  Pizza boxes (clean with no food residual)

6.  Shredded  paper (in cle_ar plastic bags)

7.  Magazines

8.  Junk Mail

9.  Paperback books

10.  Cereal boxes

Paper products that are not recyclable: Milk/juice cartons, paper cups, hard cover books, ice cream containers, tissue paper and paper towels.


Recyclable Glass Products

I. Glass bottles

2. Glass jars

Glass products that are not recyclable: Window glass, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, drinking glasses and ceramic coffee mugs.


Recyclable Metal Products

1.  Aluminum and steel cans

2.  Aluminum foil

3.  Aluminum trays

Aluminum products that are not recyclable: Aerosol cans, aluminum chairs, electronic devices, appliances, propane tanks, needles, wire, chain and car parts.


Recyclable Plastic Products

1.  Plastic bottles

2.   Plastic jars and cups

3.   Plastic crates and buckets (small)

4.   Plastic flower pots

Plastic products that are not recyclable: Plastic bags, film wrap, styrofoam products, clothing, pvc pipe, garden hoses and plastic ties.


Misc. items that not recyclable include hazardous waste, electronic waste, medical waste and explosives.