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CSWP Update

Check back the last week of each month for the District Manager's most recent update on the Cayucos Sustainable Water Project...

May Board Meeting Update: 

Manager Koon shared his screen and offered an insider’s view of the new SCADA System’s home screen and explained how it allows Operators to monitor the plant.

Vice-President Chivens opened the meeting to Public Comment.

John Curti asked if there is an estimate for how much recycled water will be generated on an annual basis.

Hearing no further comment, Vice-President Chivens closed Public Comment.

Dylan Wade of WSC answered that their estimate is about 325 acre feet per year,  and added for reference that Cayucos is allocated 600 acre feet from Whale Rock Reservoir on an annual basis. This surplus is intended to become a reserve bank for the community of Cayucos.

Manager Koon notified the Board that grading at the solar site will commence next week, and a pre-construction meeting will take place the week of June 21. He also announced that plans for a Dedication Ceremony are firming up, where the plant will open to the public with opportunities for interested persons to go on a tour and ask questions about their unique interests.

President Enns asked for highlights from Manager Koon’s meeting with Scott Collins, the City Manager of Morro Bay.

Manager Koon stated that they met to discuss how to move forward after Cayucos disconnects in June. They will meet again in one week and talk in more detail about the demolition of the plant, the District’s pipe on Main St., and make arrangements for both parties to have their Committees meet.