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CSWP Update

Check back monthly for the District Manager's most recent update on the Cayucos Sustainable Water Project...

September Board Meeting Update: 

"Manager Koon informed the Board that only roughly 25% of the project work remains. Pipes and pipe supports are currently going in and the headworks are almost complete. Up next is the wiring of conduits, pouring of curbs, and installation of gutters. PG&E will be coming out soon to energize. Lift Station 5 is anticipated to be fully operational by the end of December.
President Enns stated that every time he goes out to visit the job sit, Dylan Wade of WSC is there and working hard. Vice President Chivens thanked Koon for the tour, commenting that it looked a little overwhelming to run, but he understands that automation is the key. Director Lyon and Director Frank also thanked Koon for their tours, complimented Koon and Wade on being a good team, and were impressed with how much has been accomplished in such a short period of time."