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CSWP Update

Check back the last week of each month for the District Manager's most recent update on the Cayucos Sustainable Water Project...

June Board Meeting Update: 

Manager Koon informed the Board that the newly up and running systems are functioning properly. He recently gave a tour of the plant to representatives  from the Regional Water Board. Disconnection from Morro Bay was planned for the end of June, but may be delayed a week or two due to delays associated with encroachment permits with Cal Trans. On June 21st he will attend a preconstruction meeting with REC Solar. The Dedication Ceremony is set for June 25th and will include tours of the new facility for interested attendees.

President Enns commented that for the Groundbreaking Ceremony in August 2018, maps were provided to the public to identify the locations of the various planned buildings. These exact same maps will be used for the Dedication Ceremony, as the plans stayed consistent throughout the entire process.

Vice President Chivens and Director Lyon expressed excitement and  praise.

President Enns opened the meeting to Public Comment.

John Curti commented that he has attended most of the District’s meetings over the past several years, and it is exciting to see a town of this size get through this process so quickly and on budget. He has been impressed by the amount of work, attention to detail, cost savings, and efforts to get the best quality at the best price. He mused that this project could be a model for other small towns that need to undergo the same process.

Hearing no further comment, President Enns closed Public Comment.