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CSWP Update

Come back monthly for the District Manager's most recent update on the Cayucos Sustainable Water Project...

August Board Meeting Update: 

Manager Koon informed the Board that the plant is operating well. He will be meeting with Souza next week to work out the details with the outfall tie in. Evoqua will need to come back out to work on a pump and tweak the programming, which doesn’t quite fit the needs of our small town, but they will modify what they can to make it work. Staff is noticing less I&I and the water level has dropped, which means staff is learning to adjust. Soon Manager Koon will start working with Dylan Wade of WSC on the Recycled Water Program. He is working on insuring the plant for $20 million and Lift Station 5 for $1.5 million.

Director Frank asked if the District will be able to spray the weeds at the plant, as opposed to having to mow. Manager Koon answered that he would in fact prefer to mow, as the agriculture present in the area might be sensitive to chemicals. Director Frank next asked for an update on the cemetery, to which Manager Koon answered they are still performing their feasibility study, which will require changing the zoning.

Manager Koon went on to share that the District is on LAFCO’s agenda next month for rezoning of the Treatment Plant property. The District received a $4.5 million grant from the USDA, which will be turned over to Western Alliance Bank and will leave only the Series B loan left to pay off ($5 million). The District can begin to pay off that loan with the $380,000.00 and $2 million coming from selling property to the City of Morro Bay and the Cayucos Land Conservancy.