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CSWP Update

Come back monthly for the District Manager's most recent update on the Cayucos Sustainable Water Project...

October Board Meeting Update: 

Manager Koon and the Board discussed the recent meeting of District and City of Morro Bay representatives where concerns regarding the old WWTP in Morro Bay were preliminarily reviewed. While the decommission, demolition and restoration of the site are leading concerns for both parties,   efforts are currently focused on conceptualization.

President Enns opened the meeting to Public Comment.

John Curti wondered if the City of Morro Bay gave a reason as to why their new plant won’t be up and running for another 2-2.5 years, what the final use of the property will be after it’s decommissioned, what will happen to the valuable jointly owned items, and also asked if there are there any environmental liabilities/if the land will be rezoned.

Hearing no further comment, President Enns closed Public Comment.

Manager Koon answered that they did not discuss the details of Morro Bay’s timeline nor the final use of the property after it’s decommissioned. Likewise, they do not yet know what will happen to jointly owed assets and potential environmental liabilities have not yet been assessed. He reiterated the Coastal Commission’s sentiment that the first step is decommissioning the plant, and these kinds of details will follow.


Director Frank asked for an update on the solar field. Manager Koon stated that the new estimated completion date is August of 2022 due to delays originated by PG&E. 


New!  Solar Site Drone Photos