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Utilities in Cayucos

Cayucos has separate agencies responsible for water, sewer, and trash service. The following are a list of these agencies:

Water Services:

There are three separate water entities in Cayucos:

- SLO County Service Area 10A:                               (805) 781-5283

- Cayucos Beach Mutual Water Company:            (805) 995-3766

- Morro Rock Mutual Water Company:                   (805) 995-3766

Sewer Services:

The Cayucos Sanitary District provides sewer service in Cayucos.           (805) 995-3290

Trash Services:

Mission Country Disposal provides solid waste and recycling services.  (805) 995-0817


What happens if I do not pay my sewer bill on time?

Sewer bills that are not paid on or before their due date will be assessed a late fee. Towards the end of each fiscal year, the District calculates late charges accrued and submits them along with the past due sewer fees to the County for inclusion on the County tax roll. 


Who is responsible for paying delinquent sewer charges attached to a property?

Sewer charges attach to a property similarly to taxes. The property owner is responsible for all outstanding sewer charges. It is important for landlords to review the sewer account attached to their property when a tenant moves out and for new home buyers to inquire about any outstanding sewer charges attached to properties on the market.